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Welcome to Portfolio by Michael

Photography is my way of staying connected with nature.  As a kid my family was always spending time outdoors.  Camping, fishing, visiting national parks – these were some of my happiest times growing up.  A number of years back I realized that the pressures of professional life were keeping from enjoying the outdoors the way I used.  That’s when I decided to take up photography.  This is this just a hobby for me, but it gets me out doing the kinds of things I enjoy most.  And so, I decided to build a site to share some of the interesting places I’ve found to take nature photos.  This site is organized according to the places where the photos were taken.  You’ll find a few tips sprinkled throughout the site on when to go and how I went about taking some of these photos.  If you like an image just contact me and I’d be happy to send you a high resolution image file.  I’d only ask that you give credit when possible in places where you use an image.  Enjoy the site.

Fall Color in California

Many people never venture to the eastern side of the Sierras in California. But they are missing a real treat. Checkout our images of fall color in the eastern Sierras.

Fall Color in the Sierras

Most people never venture to the eastern Sierras.  They are missing a real treat.  Checkout our images of fall in the eastern Sierras.